Arbors and Chucks

There's a comprehensive range -

Morse taper adapters, Numbers 2 and 3; chucks in varying sizes; Morse taper coolant feed arbors; and collets and shank adapters for almost every combination of sizes and standards.

Tapping attachments

A full range of direct tapping attachments, collets, clutched collets, collet holders and accessories for use with the Magtap.
Cutter Kits

A handy carry case with the most popular sizes of 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24mm diameter short and long reach cutters and a pilot. Custom size kits are available.

Cutting Oil

Specially formulated for annular cutters, this eco-friendly cutting oil enhances efficiency and extends cutter life.

Pipe Clamp

A magstand mounting plate that permits accurate drilling on a curved surface. Suitable for clamping to a range of pipe diameters. Location
QuickHitch Cutters